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 Seminar Series
Increase Production, Increase Case Acceptance, Increase Profits

Friday & Saturday
March 23 & 24, 2018

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Rick Garofolo

International Speaker, Consultant, Author

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The Practice Mechanic

Friday:  Increased Profits Through Proper Billing and Coding
Are you working for free?  Ensure that your office is coding correctly!

The CDT codes were created so that you could properly record and submit to insurance companies all of the services that you are providing to your patients, but most dentists in the country are reporting less than half of the services that they are doing.  Does your office have a Periodontal Treatment Plan?  Learn to reduce or eliminate rejected claims, cut claim submissions cost, increase case acceptance, and maximize both insurance reimbursement and your patients' benefits in this one day course! 
Coverage of these topics and more!
• Codes that maximize both reimbursement and patients’ benefit
• Billing perio treatment properly
• Methods that eliminate rejected and delayed claim payments
• Cost cutting claims submission tips
• Tools and strategies to negotiate insurance reimbursement rates
• Techniques for fast payment of appealed claims without a single phone call
• The single phrase that increases patient collections
• How to train your team and patients to understand what dental insurance really is
• What your chart notes have to say in order to remain within the laws and guidelines of proper charting
• Examine the CDT codes that exist for dentists to properly bill many services that they are now doing for free
• Understand the claims process from your submission to payment
• Analyze your current billing techniques and discuss changes that will increase profits
• Learn how to file e-claims in the most affordable manner, many times decreasing costs by over 50%
• Create a correct perio treatment plan for your office that results in higher insurance reimbursement and acceptance
• Implement proven and tested strategies to increase patient collections
• Learn what insurance companies are looking for during an audit and how to protect yourself
Saturday:  The Truth About OSHA & HIPAA Compliance
Compliance, Safety, and Security

Have you heard that attending an OSHA course at an association meeting satisfies the annual training requirements that OSHA has in place? 

Do you need a signed release from a patient to send their records to another doctor's office?

There are MANY false statements out there about what OSHA and HIPAA compliance really mean to a dental office.  Did you know that many of these rules actually HELP a dental office in many ways.  The most important thing you can do is educate yourself and your team on the REAL ways that OSHA and HIPAA compliance applies to your office.  In this one day course we will discuss the top 10 myths surrounding compliance, and how you can make your office OSHA and HIPAA compliant.  Do you have an emergency action plan?  What about a workplace violence prevention plan?  Do your hygienists know it is a CRIMINAL violation for them to take patients' information with them when they go to work at another office that can result in them spending 10 years in a federal prison?  

Use the OSHA and HIPAA rules that exist to help improve your practice and your business. 
Coverage of these topics and more!
• The written OSHA Plans that your office is required to have and keep updated each year
• The new GHS standard and what it means to your office
• The easiest way to maintain your Safety Data Sheets
• Why taking your team to an OSHA or HIPAA class at an association meeting does NOT meet the requirements
• The first steps in working towards HIPAA compliance and why it is a journey, not a destination
• Why Windows XP, Office 2010 and Internet Explorer 10 are NOT HIPAA compliant
• What the Final Rule has done regarding Criminal charges within the HIPAA law (it did NOT reduce them!)

• Understand the steps to be taken to become OSHA and HIPAA Compliant
• Learn the written plans that every dental office is required to have
• Discuss the Audit Control Points that OCR uses when evaluating your offices' HIPAA compliance plans
• Understand and create a workplace violence prevention plan for your office
• Discuss the ways in which HIPAA compliance can actually benefit your office and team
• Understand support expiration dates, required updates and security patches
Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24, 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton Virginia Beach
1900 Pavilion Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Registration and breakfast begin at 8am each day
Class starts promptly at 8:30am,
1 hour lunch break, class will end at 4pm

“This was the most comprehensive, no fluff course
that I have ever attended. Please let me know
every time you come to town!”

Dr. Stephanie G., DMD, Chicago, IL

“In the first hour of Rick’s Billing and Coding course
I saved ten times what the course cost to take. This
was a fantastic course that even a dentist in
practice for 38 years can learn from!”

Dr. R.T. Bayley, DDS; West Chester, PA

About Rick Garofolo, MBA
International Speaker, Author, Consultant
What you don’t know can hurt you. Many dentists and practice managers aren’t aware of current OSHA and HIPAA standards or business management techniques and systems. Through his speaking and consulting programs, Richard Garofolo, II shares his 20+ years’ experience in the management, marketing and growth of dental practices, including OSHA and HIPAA compliance, program creation and staff training. Knowing what is expected and required of you will increase bottom line profits, create a safe environment for staff and patients and help dentists sleep well at night.

As the President and CEO of The Practice Mechanic, Rick has contributed to the business of dentistry through proper accounting techniques, recall and follow up system creation, proper treatment plan presentation and more than 20 other systems. He has also published hundreds of articles in industry publications nationally.

Rick’s unique experience comes from a combination of years of successful business ownership with advertising agencies, PR firms, publishing companies, multiple magazines, restaurants, bakeries, a chain of barber shops and commercial and residential real estate investments coupled with his years of experience in the dental industry as a consultant and dental business owner.

Working as a practice management and OSHA/HIPAA compliance consultant for dentists, Rick develops site specific plans and business systems for dental offices around the country, including state specific plans. This allows them to concentrate on working ON their business instead of working IN it, creating increased opportunities for profit and allowing dentists and practice owners to sleep well.

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